The Chronology

Maria Solheim NEW videoblog “The Chronology”

Background Story:

2017 is the year of joyful rehearsals. To celebrate this, Maria Solheim has decided to live-record all songs released in her name. That is approximately 60 songs!!!

Locations may vary, musicians may vary. But it will be live and up close.
Maria Solheim will publish her video-blog in a chronological order. Starting with track one on her debut album “Barefoot” (released in 2001). The goal is to be finished in time for her next (and 6th) album release next winter.

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Season 2:

Episode 3. Maria Solheim: Hiding place

Episode 2

Maria Solheim: Kingdom



Episode 1

Maria Solheim: Two minutes 10 hours


Maria Solheim, Hidden poetry:

Maria Solheim, Blue painting:

Maria Solheim, Suspicion:

Maria Solheim, Barefoot: