New album from Maria Solheim

New album from

To be released on  16 March 2018 in Skandinavia
20th of april in Germany, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Benelux

– Every Christmas I wish for a new copy book and a black felt-tip pen. I’ve had this wish since I was a teenager. It’s the best gift I can get. There is just so much potential in a felt-tip pen and some blank sheets of paper.

The songs on Maria Solheims sixth studio album “Stories of new mornings” can be considered variations on Alf Prøysens song “Du ska få en dag i mårå” [Tomorrow is a new day]. The theme is about still being alive. Waking up and knowing that you can make choices. That life has more opportunities to offer.

– In my music I’m open about everything, and yet everything is still covered by a veil of music and lyrics. Some of the songs are stories that only I know. Feelings I had almost forgotten.  I photograph the moods with my guitar, my melodies and my lyrics.

On where the ideas for her sixth solo album started from Maria Solheim says:
– I wish I were in a band. That’s my earliest dream. The dream which is one of the strongest building blocks in my life so far. The dream of playing in a band which came to fullfillment. After my fourth album I was tired, and when the dream no longer was a dream it fell apart. I put my guitar away. And I thought I might never touch it again. So I took tests. Job tests on
the web. There must be something else I could dream about? The internet gave me no answers. After many years away from music new songs began to pop up in my mind. And with the songs the dream came back. Perhaps stronger than before. This dream has given life to this album.

Maria Solheim continues to move on the fringe of the pop genre. She has often been placed in the Indie pop category, having repeatedly challenged the conventional wisdom for making a pop song.
On the album Stories of New Mornings you find both: Good pop music, spiced with special musical elements here and there that underline and reinforce the message in the music. Maria is supported by a powerful team of musicians on the album, where she and the musical arranger, Christer Slaaen, have created an album which ranges from catchy pop tunes, to tender violin sections, pleasing lyrics, surprising Latin American rhythms, fuzzy guitars and the sound of rain. If you listen very carefully, you may also hear the sound of a black magpie on one of the tracks.
Maria Solheim has a long career behind her. Leaving a small fishing village in Nordland county at the age of 18 to release her first album, she was only twenty when she travelled alone to Tokyo to launch her second album to an Asian audience. When 22, she released her third album, and was
asked to sing in the Norwegian Royal Castle at the baptism ceremony for Ingrid Alexandra, princess of Norway. With several nominations for the Norwegian Spellemann Music Award, she has constantly toured Norway and abroad.

Maria Solheim has had several collaboration projects. In 2009 she wrote the song “Rom for alle”
[Room for all] which topped the VG [largest national newspaper] charts for several weeks. This song was a duet with Hans Erik Dyvik-Husby, then the singer in the band Turboneger.

Christer Slaaen: guitars and producer; Thomas Gallatin: drums; Tor Egil Kreken: bass, banjo; Mari
Kreken: backup vocals; Tarjei Nysted: violin; Stephan Slaaen: saxophone; Erlend Barrat-Due: clarinet.
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